Paint Mist
Separator System
The Original since 2003.

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    edrizzi® Paint Mist Separator


Freudenberg Filtration Technologies - new global edrizzi® reseller




Progress is our driving force. Product development our focus. Now we take a big step in the development of our dealer network and finally match the innovation standard of our products: The considerable Freudenberg Filtration Technologies complements its filter portfolio with the edrizzi® system. The following industries are supplied by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies globally and exclusively:

1. Automotive and suppliers
2. Motorbikes and suppliers
3. Trucks and busses as well as their suppliers
4. All plant manufacturer of plants of the industries 1 to 3



The established distribution partners of long standing in Europe are confirmed.

In countries without edrizzi® general dealer so far, Freudenberg is general agency for all industries. 

edrizzi® NON-STOP

The system edrizzi® NON-STOP, patent applied, offers filter replacement without downtime in paint shops.

User manual available

The new edrizzi® system user manual is available in the download section!

Economical, flexible and efficient,
high-class and environmentfriendly too.

Not because it simply sounds good,
but also because it is so.

The benefits of the edrizzi® system

  • edrizzi® Effizienz Wirtschaftlichkeit


    The changeover from wet to dry coating reduces the costs of painting by many times as a result of circulating air mode:

    ➀ Use of water for over-spray separation is dispensed with

    ➁ Expensive paint sludge disposal as special waste is omitted

    ➂ Cost-intensive and time-intensive paint sludge extraction

    is not required

    ➃ Use of chemicals (coagulation agents, de-foaming agents

    and bactericides, etc.) is dispensed with

    ➄ Corrosion of spray booth equipment is reduced

    ➅ Maintenance costs are avoided without pump equipment

    ➆ Costs of cleaning the plant are reduced

    ➇ Economical supply and storage by disassembled boxes

  • edrizzi® Effizienz Benefit


    Absorption capacity up to 100 kg/m2 and more depending on material in use, degree of separation → 97% with proper application and edrizzi® secondary filtering

  • edrizzi® Effizienz Nachhaltigkeit


    Low-cost disposal of the dried paint (e. g. in the incineration plant), with no chemicals required

  • edrizzi® Effizienz Ergonomie


    The noise level in the coating zone is reduced to a value between 15 and 20 dB; no odours as a result of wet extraction

  • edrizzi® Effizienz Flexibilität


    Easy conversion of existing systems; can be used for all surface materials; the system can be expanded and extended; wide range of variants of the edrizzi® secondary filter systems.


The best ideas are the simple ones.

edrizzi® is a system for paint mist separation in the coatings sector that has been patented since 2003. The system is based on a handy cube – produced from naturally growing raw material, corrugated cardboard. Flexible in handling and easy to upgrade, edrizzi® has a high absorption capacity and is cost-effective in disposal as in most cases the boxes can be disposed of in incineration plants.


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