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The box as the basis

The master-stroke of the edrizzi® Vario system lies secretly in the inconspicuous boxes: The paint mist is guided by under-pressure in the complex system consisting of edges and openings in order to achieve maximum absorption. The potentiating effect of the absorption surface, the arrangement of the various guiding systems and utilisation of the centrifugal force facilitate the revolutionary absorption capacity of the system. Three different solutions support the characteristics of different surface materials for the absorption. Every area of application in the coatings industry is covered by this development and the edrizzi® Vario types supersede the edrizzi® Automotive system used so far. The processing of fire-retardant corrugated cardboard (Certification DIN4102, testing for non-flammability, construction material class B1) makes the edrizzi® Vario system safe and robust in application.


From the box to the system

In practice, every coating system is distinctive. In every application, there is a different coating situation depending on the material, plant size, application and air management. The degree of separation and absorption capacity of the edrizzi® system is determined by these factors and it can handle up to 99 % of the over-spray. After several years of experience with our system, the results are always different, but nonetheless, always more revolutionary!


The edrizzi® method is used in air circulation or exhaust air mode. The corrugated cardboard boxes  assembled according to the principle of a building block system in any size to a complete separation surface. Galvanised metal sheets are used as the supporting construction. The use of an edrizzi® secondary filter stage is recommend for the degree of separation of the system. Various elements are available for secondary filtering that are conceived and designed depending on the area of application. After complete saturation, the paint mist separator and secondary filters can be replaced separately, quickly and flexibly. edrizzi® Vario boxes with dried paint can be disposed of costeffectively in incineration plants in most cases.


Area of application

Regardless of the application method, the edrizzi® system can be used in any x-system: built horizontally and also vertically or combined horizontally and vertically. From the smallest manual spray booth up to automated coating lines. The edrizzi® technology can be retrofitted to existing systems easily and cost-effectively. With several years of application, the level of experience gained from various coating conditions and circumstances is high. Special solutions are developed and tested at the in-house technical centre.


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